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What to do with a fresh spot or spill if you are leaving the house.

Have your kids spilled right when you're bundling them up to leave the house, or the dog leave a puddle just as you're exhausted and going to bed?  Heaven's Best always recommends cleaning up a spot or spill as soon as it happens for best results.  We know life does not always cooperate in this manner though, so here is a little tip.  If you absolutely cannot properly treat a spot right away, take some old towels (preferrably white) and fold them up and put them on the spot.  Then, take something heavy that won't bleed color, like a boot or a plastic tub, and place it on top of the towels.  This weight on top will cause some of the spot to wick up into the towels and leave you less of a spot to clean when you are able to properly address it.  posted: January 9, 2013 - Heaven's Best Denver Carpet Cleaners - Blog

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