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How to clean leather furniture

Just a tip for cleaning leather furniture if you happen to have a spot or spill.  Not all leather is created equal.  When cleanng leather, first identify what type of leather you have so you can get the appropriate cleaning product.  There are 4 types of leather: Pigmented, Aniline, Nubuck, and Pullup.  Your furniture may list the associated cleaning codes as P, A, N and U respectively.  Most leather furniture comes with a small scrap attached (called a deck tag) that you can use to test and may list what type of leather you have.  If scratching it with your finger doesn't leave a small mark, the leather is pigmented. If scratching it leaves a mark, you have Aniline or Nubuck.  Pullups are a subcategory of both Aniline and Nubuck, and are usually cleaned using the same process as Analine.  Another way to test is by using moisture. Pigmented leather will repel water and make it bead up.  Aniline and Nubuck will absorb moisture.  Once you identify the leather type, you will be better able to clean it with the appropriate leather cleaner.   posted: November 5, 2012 - Heaven's Best Denver Carpet Cleaners - Blog

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