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How can I DIY and clean my carpets well?

Heavens Best Carpet Cleaning of Denver loves giving advice for people who want to clean their own carpet, whether it's renting a Rug Doctor or using their own Bissell/Hoover/Spot Bot. The first thing to remember is it is going to take some time to do it properly. First and foremost, you must thoroughly vacuum the carpet. Make sure your vacuum bag is empty and no hoses are clogged. If you don't prevacuum, you will potentially just create mud (please note many "professional" cleaners also do a disservice to their customers and skip this step). After vacuuming, start cleaning. The key to cleaning your own carpet is making sure you don't over wet your carpet. Remember, it is easier to add more if needed, than it is to remove the excess you may have put down. For every 1 "wet" stroke, you should do at least 3 "dry" strokes that suck up the solution. If done properly, your carpet should be dry in about 4-8 hrs. If your carpet is wet for longer than 8 hrs, the potential for mold growth or damage to the carpet itself becomes an issue. Once again, many "professionals" have the public convinced that having wet carpet for 12+ hrs is the norm when you get your carpet cleaned. It is not the norm, and should never be. One other thing to consider. If you religiously clean your home carpet, try running just water through the cleaning unit and no cleaning solution every 3rd or 4th time. Many store brand cleaning solutions are soap based, and if you don't remove all of the soap residue, your carpets will get dirty faster, so doing just a rinse can help remove any potential residue. Happy Cleaning!! posted: January 10, 2012 - Heaven's Best Denver Carpet Cleaners - Blog

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