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What are some rug storage tips?

Many people have expensive area rugs that for many reasons are stored away for a period of time, whether brief or more long term. Unfortunately, just rolling up the rug and putting in the storage room in the basement or the garage is not the ideal way to store a rug, and can often times ruin it. Here are the steps you should take for proper rug storage of any rug you value: 1. Get the rug professionally washed. This removes damage causing debris and potentially any hitchhiking bugs. 2. Roll and wrap the rug. This is more involved than just rolling it up and putting it in a plastic bag. 3. Elevate the rug when storing. Don't leave it on the floor where boxes can be stacked on it, potential water leaks can get to it, or pests can find it and make it home. 4. Check the rug annually. Set it and forget it should not apply to rug storage. If you have a rug you want prepared for storage, don't hesitate to contact Heaven's Best and we can assist you in this process. posted: August 20, 2012 - Heaven's Best Denver Carpet Cleaners - Blog

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