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Why do I have dark lines on the carpet along my baseboards?

Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning of Denver has seen our fair share of black and grey lines along the baseboards. In the industry, these are known as filtration lines. Your carpet is one big air filter, and if there are gaps between the wall and the floor at the baseboards, the hot & cold air will flow between these gaps, and in doing so the carpet will filter any impurities out of the air just like your homes air filter on your duct lines. These filtered impurities are usually a very fine oily particulate that is statically charged. Due to the properties of it, these filtration lines can be very difficult to remove, and sometimes they will not come out. Add to it that they usually occur by the baseboards, which makes it tougher for us to get much agitation when we try and clean them. Besides by baseboards, they can also occur under curtains, furniture skirting, and doors that usually remain closed to rooms that have air registers. The best way to keep these filtration lines from occurring is to change your air filters out regularly., especially smokers. posted: April 30, 2012 - Heaven's Best Denver Carpet Cleaners - Blog

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