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Commercial Carpet Preventive Measures

Heaven's Best carpet cleaning of Denver is regularly asked about commercial carpet preventive measures between regular maintenance cleanings. 
1. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!!! This is the best preventative measure for all carpet commercial, and residential. Most soiling of carpet is due to solid particulates (sand, dust, pollen, etc) brought in from the outside world. Vacuuming on a regular time table is the key. The average steps it takes to remove these items from a persons shoes is 20 steps, so more attention should be  done in these areas. Once the 20 step rule becomes over saturated with soil well lets just say it travels farther into you place of business, then farther, then farther. Over saturation of solid particulates causes crushing of the fibers, and  scratches to the fibers, kind of like the windshield of a car being pitted over time, this will cause the fibers to become dull, fraid, unsightly and need replacement faster. For a idea of vacuum scheduling and cleaning visit here. Vacuum maintenance is also very important. If the vacuum doesn't work it can't clean. Taking it to a local vacuum store to have it serviced will dependent on usage, or a in house maintenance person. If the beater bar is full of hair it loses suction and can't do the job.
2. Walk off mats that are regularly maintained. Many companies offer a pick up and drop off service at a low price to make sure the above issues are better addressed. During the rain and snow season walk off mats can be beneficial, but be careful of areas getting over saturated then causing delamination of the carpet below. Try to put these mats in a area to dry quickly while hours of business are the slowest, or have a back up so that you can change mats out when needed.  
3. Spot cleaning between regular maintenance cleaning. Have you ever had your maintenance crew clean a spot only to have it get bigger, then clean it again and now it's even bigger? This is typically due to residue being left in the carpet and attracting soil, well that is what carpet cleaning solution is made to do grab soil so it can be removed. This happens because of improper rinsing, or could also be due to wicking. Their is not a one almighty spot cleaning solution on the market, if their was every professional carpet cleaner would be using it. Sometimes it necessary to use different methods, multiple methods, or even just plain water on a white towel. Click here for a chart that can be printed and put in the maintenance room and used for different cleaning needs. 
4. A regular professional maintenance cleaning schedule to match your environment needs before over saturation, causing damage, happens.
Some of the terms we have used may be unfamiliar please visit here for definitions. 
Heaven’s Best Denver of CO cities of Service are Denver, Highlands Ranch, Cherry Hills, Lone Tree, Centennial, Littleton, Aurora, Greenwood Village, Ken Caryl, Lakewood, and Englewood in Colorado. 
posted: October 1, 2014 - Heaven's Best Denver Carpet Cleaners - Blog

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