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How to properly clean natural stone floors.

Heaven's Best of Denver loves natural stone floors.  Besides being durable, they also look beautiful for many many years when properly maintained.  What steps can you take to keep them maintained?  Well, here are a few.  First, make sure to dry mop them often.  Sand is one of the most common "soils" brought into the home, and sand can quickly scratch up some of the softer natural stones like marble, limestone or travertine.  Use a soft broom or microrfiber pad when dry mopping.  If you use your vacuum, use caution if it has a beater bar as this could possibly scratch the tile too.  When wet cleaning your floor, try to use products that are a neutral pH, which is a pH of 7.  Don’t use products that contain lemon juice, vinegar or other acids on marble, limestone, or travertine as they can eat away at the stone itself. Avoid abrasive cleaners or any ammonia-based cleaners. These products will dull the floor's luster. Cleaners that have a wax in them are not ideal either as they will promise to leave a "shine", but in doing so leave a lot of residue behind. Again a nice microfiber or cotton mop works well to clean. Make sure to change out the water often.  Dirty mop water will transfer from the mop to the floor.  An easy way to determine if your water is too dirty is to place a penny inside on the bottom of your mop bucket.  If you can no longer see the penny, it's time to change the water.  Some natural stone has a lot more cracks and crevices for soil to hide, so don't be surprised if you have to change out the water more than once (I'm looking at you slate!)  If your tile has lost it's luster, some stones can be repolished by professionals like Heaven's Best.  When you are done cleaning your tile, reapplying a good sealant will help keep your tile looking good and make it easier to clean in the future. Certain sealants can also help bring back some of the shine to your floor as well.                                                                                         Heaven's Best cities of Service are Denver, Highlands Ranch, Cherry Hills, Lone Tree, Centennial, Littleton, Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Greenwood Village, Ken Caryl, Lakewood, and Englewood in Colorado. posted: October 6, 2013 - Heaven's Best Denver Carpet Cleaners - Blog

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